Is Coober Pedy On Your Travel Bucket List Yet? | 17 Interesting Facts

Coober Pedy South Australia | 17 Interesting Facts

  1. Unique Opal mining town in the heart of Outback South Australia.
  2. 850 km north from Adelaide, about 9 hours drive.
  3. Located along on the Stewart Highway and a good stopping point from Adelaide to Uluru.
  4. Since Opal was first discovered in 1915 by 14 year old Willie Hutchison, people have been looking for opal in Coober Pedy hoping to strike it rich.
  5. Opal Capitol of The World – The mines here produce more than 80% of the world’s annual opal volume.
  6. Noodling is allowed at the eastern edge of town called “Jewell Box”. So you might find some beautiful opals there. If you ask some of locals they will give you some tips on how to do it and the best spots.
  7. Temperatures often reach up to 50 degrees Celsius in the summer. This means the best time to visit is between May to September due to the cooler weather and try avoiding January and February.
  8. The climate is extremely hot so many places have been built underground to avoid the heat.
  9. Coober Pedy is also known as the underground town.
  10. Within the town are underground hotels, cafe, museums ,many houses and even an underground churches.
  11. The first underground church in the world (St Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church) was built there in 1965 with mass / service weekly.
  12. 70% of 3500 residents lives in underground houses called dugouts. Some are even open to public – Fayes Underground Home.
  13. Coober Pedy has a scenery alike the lunar landscape has been the background for many movies like Mad Maxx, Queen of the Desert, Red Planet and Pitch Black.
  14. You can find there Australian’s only underground camping area.
  15. Water has to be pumped from an underground source 24 kilometres north of the town for the locals to use.
  16. Aboriginals calls this place “kupa-piti” which translate to “white man in a hole”.
  17. The most featureless and unique place, a town like no other.

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Underground Catholic Church


Underground Museum
Underground Hotel



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