What 100 days of traveling and living in a Camper has taught me?

What 100 days of traveling and living in a camper has taught me?

1. Only what you experience is what counts.
2. Traveling with someone close to you is much more pleasant and more interesting than traveling alone.
3.Running hot water in the bathroom is a luxury.
4. Using the toilet in the middle of the night can be dangerous.
5. Healthy meals while traveling are a rarity.
6. My complexion is demanding !
7. You can experience 3 days without a shower.
8. Drinking water before going to bed is not the best idea.
9. Flip-flops are the most universal shoes. You can take a shower, run on the beach, go shopping, hide them in your pocket, wear them during rain and as an alternative to home slippers. You can even wear them with socks.
10. Without regular visits to the hairdresser your hair suffers and does not look as good anymore.
11. You can eat once a day and not be hungry.
12. Public laundries doesn’t wash clothes like a household washing machine.
13. A stain on every blouse is the norm.
14. Brushing teeth at a service station can be embarrassing.
15. Shopping for 2 days is more difficult than shopping for a whole week.
16. We spend too much time at work and not enough on vacation. Traveling is never boring. Even in the same places.
17. Life is too short for pedantry (OCD) and continuous cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and a cloth.
18. A minimalist life is simple but uncomfortable.
19. Sitting on a soft sofa is nicer than sitting on a wooden stool. (or fishing Chair)
20. Creams and gels that supposedly do not clog pores on the face, clog them.
21. Lack of home address significantly hinders online shopping. Online shopping is cheaper and more convenient than shopping in a store.
22. You can spend 100 days with a partner in a very small area, 24/7 and not kill each other.
23.You can fall in love even more.
24. Unselfish and true people are those who help others and never expect anything in return.
25. You can get along greatly from the first meeting with someone you met on social media.
26. Polish pickled cucumbers are popular all over the world. They are even produce in India.
27. Life is too short and too beautiful to worry about what others will think as they will think what they want.
28. There are places that look better in the pictures and in fact turn out to be a slightly disappointment.
29. There are places where nobody takes pictures and these are some of the most beautiful places in the world.

30. When traveling to new places, the comfort zone does not exist.
31. Many people are Opportunist and try to get something from you for free, these are the weakest people. Stay away from them.
32. The more we are grateful for what we have, the less we expect from life, the more we will get.

33. I am talking about the true and sincere gratitude of a flowing heart, and not about patting gratitude and at the same time whining about your own fate.
34. Things do not happen on their own, good life does not happen by accident. Either you do something or not.
35. Either you are working for something and you are aiming for it or not.
36. You do not have to fit the majority and repeat generally pleasant standards.
37. There are more people like you in the world than you can imagine.

38. Traveling not only broadens horizons, but also teaches humility and distance.
39. Watching or listening to daily news presents a false image of the world.
40. Living in harmony with your own intuition, you can not lose.
41. Learn from others, draw conclusions but do your own.

42. Time is the most precious, do not waste it on crap. The only thing you will never regain is wasted time.
43. Otherness exists to appreciate it and not to destroy it.
44. Learning from others, listening carefully and drawing conclusions brings more to life than any criticism, even constructive.
45. Patience is a rare and distinctive feature of the wise.

46. The most beautiful moments in life happen off line.
47. All we have is the present, nothing else does not matter. If you’re worried about what happened yesterday or what’s going to happen tomorrow you’re wasting your time.
48. If you have no influence on something, let it go. You will save yourself a lot of stress and time.
49. Nature knows what he is doing, trust her and respect her.
50. Plans are there to change them, to suit the present moment.
51. Today you are a different human than you were yesterday and tomorrow you will be different than you are today.

52. It is good to get lost, then you will go to places where you would never have found yourself.
53. When assessing others, you will be assessed yourself. Free yourself from it.
54. Money is not a reason why people travel so little. It is the lack of willingness to discover it.
55. Self-confidence does not depend on achievements. Confidence is because it was decided.
56. What others say is testifying to them themselves. Whoever speaks badly about someone never looks good.
57. Just do what you want, if it costs you peace of mind, it is not worth it.
58. People who are able to relax and turn off are the happiest people.
59. Not everything always goes according to plan, accept it, because nothing happens for a reason.

60. Creativity grows in direct proportion to the diversity of experiences.
Take every day as it is.
61. Never let a failure or failure stop you from continuing. Once I was afraid of failure, but I’m not afraid anymore!
62. Everyone, even the smallest step forward, is better than sitting with folded hands.
63. Coconut oil is the healthiest, the most efficient, natural and the most beautiful fragrant body care product.
64. You can sleep with a big spider in one room and you do not even know it.
65. Bananas and potatoes are a universal food on which you can survive for many days.
66. Comparing with others can take away the joy of life and is pointless, because it does not change anything. It’s better to smile than to analyse.
67. The bigger the fridge, the more food to be wasted.
68. Be an inspiration for others and they will inspire you. Why compete? It is better to support and appreciate.
69. Do not wait for the perfect moment, he does not exist. Work for it!
70. If you do not attach to anything and appreciate everything you have, you will always be happy.
71. The smell of coffee in the morning always improves humor.
72. Traveling is the healthiest addiction.
73. Beauty and good are hidden everywhere, or you see it or just start when you let go and allow yourself too.
74. Let yourself rely on the comfort of relying on others but also be a person you can rely on.
75. The less you look in the mirror the more you accept the way you are.
76. I am afraid of snakes more than spiders and I always thought that the opposite was true. Everything changed after meeting on the path of one of the most poisonous and aggressive snakes in the world. (The Mulga – AKA king brown)
77. Sauerkraut is the best way to digestion problems. Seriously!
78. Knowledge of English gives you the opportunity to communicate with people from around the world, which opens your eyes to many matters and broadens your horizons.
79. Health is invaluable at every moment of life, and during the journey allows you to enjoy new places without any stress.
80. What I am most grateful for is that during these over 100 days on the trip, we did not face any health problems.
81. The most beautiful people are well-groomed, modest, natural people who are happy with their inner self.
82. Assertiveness is one of the most useful features in life. If you do not have it, do everything to develop the ability to say “NO”.
83. Real “slow life”, life without any duties, deadlines and alarms is true freedom. Everyone should try, at least once to do what they wants.
84. The night sky is the most beautiful outside of the city – trillions of stars, milky way and distant galaxies! Rarely these days people look at the sky, which is a pity, because it is one of the most beautiful experiences.
85. Sunrise and sunset are always watched as if it was for the first time. Everyone is different and unusual.
86. Flies are the most annoying creatures. Mosquitoes second !
87. Home is a state of mind, not a specific country, place or building. You can feel at home everywhere.
88. We are all inhabitants of one planet, and any borders are only artificial lines drawn on the map and appearances.
89. Wombats are one of the strangest creatures I have ever encountered in my life. They are scratching all the time, they are massive like small tanks, they are not afraid of anything and they make Square poo !

90. Cold Kombucha tastes good and quenches thirst.
91. Australians are very friendly and helpful people.

92. A balanced life between work and rest is a good life.
93. Expensive equipment is usually long-lasting and reliable equipment.
94. You can drive 15,000 kilometers with an old car  having absolutely no problems and right after returning the car it can break down!
95. Air conditioning is the best invention of the 20th century.

96. What you most often think about becomes your reality.
97. It is not worth wasting any time of your life on negative people whose signposts are excuses and see the problem in everything.
98. Recognise what you have every day and you will always have everything you need.
99. Working in a corporation is able to teach us a lot and create many opportunities for development, and abandoning this job opens even more new doors.

100. Life is too unique and too short for average dreams. Dream big! Never give up in the fight for your dreams. Even a small progress and a step forward brings you closer to the desired goal. It’s worth fighting for yourself!

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